Statement from President and CEO

As Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues his message of hate, I am deeply troubled by those who are following him, united in their hatred of people who are Muslims and people of color, an irresistible combination for the small but loud group of people who are relationally challenged. I am equally offended by the mainstreaming of this hateful message by certain members of the media and other proclaimed leaders. The world and certainly the United States is watching to see who will emerge as a leader for all of us, standing against hate and with those neighbors who happen to be Muslims and other religions outside the mainstream, e.g., Hinduism and Sikhism. We encourage people in Michigan to contact their neighbors, coworkers and friends who are Muslim (Hindu or Sikh), asking how they are doing and letting them know of your support.  For those 62% of you who do not know a Muslim, take this as an opportunity to reach out via the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, the Interfaith Leadership Council, WISOM, the Michigan Muslim Community Council, the Council of American Islamic Relations, TAKE ON HATE or your local community interfaith or human relations group, e.g., Canton Interfaith Outreach, Troy Interfaith Group of the Macomb County based Interfaith Center for Racial Justice.  We look forward to continuing our 75 years of helping to make the places we work and live become places where all people are welcomed and treated fairly.


Helping to change the "Me" to "We,",


Race2Equity partners with "Restoring the Neighbor Back to the 'Hood" to tell the story of systemic racism as experienced in housing in Detroit through a living museum highlighting the history and the current stories of inequity today in the Zone8 Neighborhood.

It is time to stand together in the face of hate

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