Affirmative Action Denied: Michigan in the wake of Proposal 2

““…the report is the first to set a baseline and measure the impact of the [affirmative action ban]…” – Detroit News

In June, the Supreme Court upheld the use of affirmative action in higher education, but in a very narrow fashion.  It ruled that schools must prove why they need to use affirmative action to meet their diversity goals, and must devise a specific plan of action to meet these goals.


The data in this report represent an effort to set down a baseline of information and look at the changes in the racial and gender makeup of state employment, university enrollment, and contracts over a five year period in Michigan.

Ideally, state officials would take on the task of measurement, insisting that detailed information is kept at the state and local government level. In a state where access and opportunity do not factor in many public policy decisions, this could be part of a useful dialogue.


It is hoped that this paper will spur a discussion about how the state will recognize and develop policies aimed at overcoming the discrimination that is too prevalent in hiring, firing, contracting, and enrollment decisions.  If we do not have such a discussion, negative outcomes will be a plague to all of the state’s residents dragging down our economy, education system, and healthcare system.

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