Cultural Competency Division wins Bronze Reel Award from Media Communication Association International

Rita Crooks, Manager of Cultural Competency, was awarded the “Bronze Reel Award” by the Virtual Center of Excellence (VCE) which is the Online Training Center for Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency, managed by The Guidance Center.  VCE is a network for the ongoing development and dissemination of information regarding best-practices for mental health and substance abuse service delivery.


The Michigan Roundtable contracted with The Guidance Center to provide an education session, which was titled “In Pursuit of Inclusion… A Session on Stigma & Discrimination in the Behavioral Health Community.”  The purpose of the session was to “provide tools and facilitate discussion to help the Wayne County Behavioral Health Community enhance a culture that values inclusion across dimensions of diversity and that works to minimize stigma and discrimination in their counseling relationships.” Due to success of the first session, we developed a 45 minute web-based session for ongoing accessibility by mental health professionals.  The resulting course, titled “A Foundational Course in Cultural Competence” was submitted to Media Communication Association International, where it won the "Bronze Reel Award."


Carol Oleksiak, Director of the Guidance Center’s Virtual Center of Excellence said, “The Michigan Roundtable is the premier place for cultural competency training.  I value the organization for its reputation and breadth in cultural competency work, and see the organization as a leader in this field.”


The Cultural Competency Division is always available to offer training and facilitation to organizations and entities around diversity and inclusion issues.  Past clients include: Comerica Bank, Henry Ford Health System, and Oakland County.  Rita Crooks has more than fifteen years’ experience in training and facilitation.


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