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"Using Cultural Competency for Continuous Improvement"

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) is a faith-based, non-profit organization providing seniors, in 26 villages throughout the state, a wide variety of residential living options and services.  These services include continuing care retirement communities (apartments, assisted living and skilled nursing care), subsidized senior housing, and market rate senior housing. With a vision to be the leader in senior living and to enhance the communities they serve, and a mission to serve seniors of all faiths and create new possibilities for quality living, PVM has made a commitment to integrate Diversity and Inclusion throughout its system as a key component of its drive toward on-going quality care and service.  Specifically, they are creating a culture across all of their villages which values and builds upon a diverse population to ensure an environment where respect and consistent treatment is the experience of all.


Beginning with their senior leadership, PVM with the assistance of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion has begun a process of education and discussion around how Diversity and Inclusion will be strategically integrated into their daily activities.  Focusing on their business case, commitment, goals and metrics their next step will be forming a System-Wide Diversity & Inclusion Council.  We are excited about their commitment and their effort, because this is the work of the Michigan Roundtable.

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