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Cultural Competency and Organizational Development

Contact: Steve Spreitzer

The Cultural Competency and Organizational Development Division (CCOD) of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion (MRDI) will be a new expansion of services to address the individual and organizational obstructions resident within many organizations and institutions today.  These obstructions are impediments to building cultures that are fully focused on utilizing diversity and organization infrastructures as strategic tools to build diversity and enhance innovation and productivity.  Through dialogue, development of policies and procedures, and the building up of organizational systems, traditional thinking that often undergirds the structures of many organizations today can be “interrupted”, enabling new opportunities and innovative approaches to be realized.  Interrupting antiquated thinking and looking at the economic costs of not fully attracting and utilizing a diverse workforce can stifle an organization’s growth.


According to a survey conducted by Forbes, Inc. of 321 executives from large global enterprises with annual revenues of more than US$500 million, who held direct responsibility or oversight for their companies’ diversity and inclusion programs, one of the survey’s key findings stated that:


“Diversity is a key driver of innovation and is a critical component of being successful on a global scale.  Senior executives are recognizing that a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas. When asked about the relationship between diversity and innovation, a majority of respondents agreed that diversity is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that foster innovation.”1


MRDI collaborates with, through the CCOD division, individuals, teams, and organizations to identify and modify thinking and infrastructure which will promote change that is understood by all.  This change will be sustained in order to continuously promote growth and development and ensure a culture of inclusion.

Products: (available for tailoring to your specific needs).

Communication, Culture and Conflict. A discussion oriented session focusing on Culture, Communication and Conflict and how, through increased knowledge in each of these areas, effective cross cultural and intercultural communication is achieved (3 hour session for groups).

Cultural Awareness and Competencies. A highly interactive dialogue oriented session focusing on identifying the stereotypes held by individuals across cultures, generations, ethnicities, genders, etc. and the competencies required to relate more effective (2 or 4-hour session for groups).


Diversity, Inclusion and the role of Senior Leadership. An interactive, dialogue oriented session which identifies opportunities for agency, community and organizational leaders to promote Diversity and Inclusion as a strategic tool to increase performance and productivity. It asks the question, "How can you use Diversity and Inclusion" to leverage increase performance and productivity? (6-hour session for Senior Leadership).


Intergenerational Dialogue. An experiential session which looks at generations currently in many workplaces, from the "Silent Generation" born 1925-1942 to the "Millennial Generation" born 1984-2000 and the challenges they face working together. Values, ideologies and other factors from the decade in which they were born that influences their world view and impact behaviors are investigated. (4-hour session tailored for intact groups).


Trading Places. A highly engaging and interactive dialogue program which explores diversity as a means to creat corss cultural understanding and respect. Participants identify the human relations barriers that often challenge our best efforts to live and work together better. (Three 3-hour sessions, two 4-hour sessions, or on full 8-hour session for groups).


Valuing Diversity and Building High Performance Teams. An activity, group and dialogue based session which looks at the components of high performing teams and the connection to valuing Diversity and Inclusion. (4 or 8-hour session for groups).


Retreats. Michigan Roundtable will customize and facilitate a 2-day retreat for you which combine and expand any two session that you choose. (Retreats and Sessions: 15 minimum - 50 maximum participants).

Services: (available as consulting only or with Michigan Roundtable providing the service tailored to your specific needs).

Analysis - Collaborate with leadership to establish an business case for Diversity and Inclusion that aligns with existing organizational strategies and operations.


Design and Development - Offer customized design and development services for education sessions and interventions which align with your operational goals and corporate strategies.


Education and Facilitation - Provides education service with our products and facilitation service for your process improvement.


Organization Development - Offers O.D. consulting as it pertains to Diversity and Inclusion (e.g., how do you: attract and retain? Promote competencies and behaviors that value diversity? Promote your culture? Recruit? Build internal capacity? Position Diversity and Inclusion as a strategic tool to increase revenue? etc.).


Strategic Planning - Collaborate with you to formulate strategies for increased employee and organization performance. (Offered in an hourly or retreat format).

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