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WKAR - Off The Record | August 18, 2017

President & CEO Steve Spreitzer joins, Jonathan Oosting, Kyle Melinn, and Chuck Stokes for a panel discussing the reaction from Michigan officials to the violence in Charlottesville. Watch panel discussion here.

Five years later: Slain Sikhs remembered as locals combat hate

August 9, 2017

"We went to both remember those who were killed in a hate crime, but also to learn from that community," Steve Spreitzer  Read complete article here.

PRESS RELEASE | June 19, 2017

Stand up to Ignorance, Fear and Hate

President and CEO Steve Spreitzer's Spotlight on the News Segment on Islamophobia.

Race2Equity partners with "Restoring the Neighbor Back to the 'Hood" to tell the story of systemic racism as experienced in housing in Detroit through a living museum highlighting the history and the current stories of inequity today in the Zone8 Neighborhood.

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