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Law Honor Roll

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The mission and work of the Michigan Roundtable should resonate with members of the State Bar of Michigan. Much like lawyers, our work encompasses the principles of access, diversity and equity. A critical factor in the diversity equation is inclusion. All must have a voice at the table. This is made evident in the Michigan Pledge to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion, put forth by the State Bar of Michigan.


As members of a profession that has a rich history of defending the human and Constitutional rights of others as well as lending a voice for those who may not be able to speak, we at the Michigan Roundtable ask that you join us by supporting our work and mission. We have initiated The Michigan Roundtable For Diversity And Inclusion Law Honor Roll.


The Michigan Rondtable pledges to bring the rich range of the legal profession together to advance the work of recruiting diverse talent and supporting the efforts to retain a divers work force.

Members of the Law Honor Roll Include:


* Participation in Law Honor Roll planning to share best practices, to explore ways to work to together and to plan annual conference.


* Complimentary attendance at annual Law Honor Roll event.


* Complimentary one hour consultation with Michigan Roundtable director of Cultural Competency and Organizational Development.


* Discounted rental fee for the “We Don’t Want Them” Housing Exhibit.


* Recognition on Roundtable website, in Law Honor Roll program.


* Two-tickets to the Humanitarian Tribute Luncheon and recognition in the Humanitarian Tribute program book.

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