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Plymouth-Canton's efforts to value diversity and advance inclusion featured in Detroit2020.

The Michigan Roundtable partnered with two groups it helped form: the Plymouth Canton Citizens for Diversity and Inclusion and The Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit (formerly known as Interfaith Partners) to help citizens of the Plymouth Canton School District learn about the Sikh religion, which had come under scrutiny when a religious symbol of a Sikh participant was disallowed at one of the schools. Perhaps more important than the presentation on Sikhism are the relationships that have begun between members of the Sikh Gurdwaras (temples) with residents of the Plymouth and Canton communities.

The Sikh religion is the fifth largest religion in the world, but is not very well known to many in the United States. Perhaps for this reason, this event was well covered by the press:
Times of India: US School bans kirpan; Sikh community concerned
Fox News: Michigan Sikhs want religious swords in school

The Michigan Roundtable continues to engage in efforts like this to increase Interfaith understanding. Click here to learn more


Plymouth-Canton Citizens for Diversity and Inclusion (PCCDI) have recently chosen a new leadership team for their working group. The chair is Anne Marie Graham-Hudak, co-vice chairs are Loren Khogali and Jeff Shamberger and recorder/secretary is Aamina Ahmed. This group if stepping into the new year ready to develop their plan to become an independent non-profit monitoring inclusion efforts in the Plymouth-Canton Community.

Also, see the article about this initiative in the Plymouth Canton Observer here.

Read Article from Observer  "Inclusion group call for diversity in public safety"

Where We've Been

The Plymouth Canton Community for Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Planning Team called their first community meeting on October 29, 2009...

Plymouth-Canton Citizens for Diversity and Inclusion Need You!!!!
(includes teachers, administrators, elected officials and anyone wanting to advance inclusion in the Plymouth and Canton Community)

If you were in a previous working group please come to be a foot soldier toward achieving the goals and actions of the strategic plan. Your participation is necessary for success.

Representation in Public Life
Public Safety and Law Enforcement
Community Life

Click here for Sample of Actions and Goals for Each Working Group