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What is Race2Equity?


Race2Equity is a community engagement campaign of the Michigan Roundtable that explores how our regional history of place-based racism has impacted our regional viability by intentionally segregating people of color from access to resources affecting quality of life and lifetime wealth accumulation.


How do we do our work?


Race2Equity will engage the larger community by continuing to exam the history of race based housing practices and addressing racial disparities in areas such as transit, criminal justice and housing through programming that reaches across the metro community.  We will open platforms for shared story sharing with a community feedback process that moves engaged participants to action.


Who is engaged in Race2Equity?


The work of Race2Equity is work that involves the whole community so the value is placed on building strong partnerships with other community organizations and individuals closer to the ground on the issues of racial equity.  We engage with individuals and organizations in the Metro region.


Recent Work…


In late 2013 the Michigan Roundtable began the Healing Stories Project as part of the truth seeking work being done in Detroit on the impact of race based housing segregation.  The issues of housing, transit and criminal justice were part of the framework of the local truth seeking working.  In November we convened 15 community partners to host 3 storytelling sessions, one in each topic area, to reach those most affected by the impact of housing segregation on opportunity.  In March 2014 we hosted a one-day Equity Action Summit to convene all participants of the storytelling sessions to begin creating a community action plan on regional racial equity.  Currently we are exploring the formation of a regional equity action coalition.  (click for Healing Stories Video)


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