Champions of Inclusion Breakfast

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Excerpted remarks from Roundtable President Steve Spreitzer

Testimonies given about work of the Roundtable

At the heart of the Roundtable’s identity, steeped in our 77-year history is the belief that people should not be mistreated because of their country of origin, religion, race or any other aspect of who they are.  

Our work is necessary because the seeds of racial and religious hatred were sewn over the 600 years ago beginning with how our indigenous people were treated and continue today with record levels of hate and countless manifestations of racial inequity.

We take a developmental approach, engaging people in workplaces and communities, moving them along the continuum from not being aware of the other or their challenges, to addressing the very structures which mitigate against inclusion.  

We continue to believe people who are different should be honored, not harmed and as I trust you will see, we are busy working with folks like you to make this a place where all people are not only welcomed, but treated fairly.

Youth Leadership
Kennedy Taylor
Regional Youth Intern
Workplace Diversity
Kathy Hickey
Member, Bodman Law
Community Engagement
Aamina Ahmed
Executive Director, APIA Vote
Call For Support
Robert Bruttell
Board Member, MRDI