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Community Engagement

We connect with communities for gathering information and creating space for voices to develop relationships based upon trust and awareness. We do our work through education, leadership development, organizing and dialogues between a range of groups including community members, grassroot organizations, law enforcement, business, government, education, and faith communities. 


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Community Support



Acknowledge and Identify

Our Framework For Change


If individuals and institutions can recognize the existence of racism in its many forms, then they will make connections to other forms of mistreatment and exclusion, its intersections, and take intentional action to interrupt and challenge it.

Educate Yourself


Racism exists in many forms.  In order to eradicate it, we must begin to understand the ways in which it manifests itself -- including internalized, interpersonal or structural and institutional racism.  Look around you, taking the time to identify how racism links to other marginalized groups and policies, laws, or procedures.  Often times, these links can lead to change initiatives and efforts.

Open Your Mind


Everyone has a role to play in ending racism.  It may consist of developing educational campaigns, engaging the community in a dialogue, developing new strategies of addressing mistreatment and exclusion, or simply change the way we behave as individuals.

In order to progress, we must keep our eyes and minds open.  Racism has been constructed by many factors



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