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Race2Equity COVID-19 Response Donation Drive

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A little history…

As COVID-19 spread into the United States, our staff began internal discussions suspending travel and programming planned for spring and summer to prepare immediate steps. When Michigan confirmed its first cases, we cancelled our monthly coalition meetings and out-of-state travel plans to meet with community organizers; paused further planning for several collaborative summer experiences with community partners, facial recognition town hall, and youth focus groups; and postponed fundraising campaigns, including one of our biggest events. Active training contracts and anticipated major gifts have been suspended.

The immediate need…

With most of our revenue currently stopped, we have had to make some staff reductions. We have paused further work with contractors and are working to further reduce our expenses including negotiating with our building managers to reduce rent or move.Our staff and contractors now work to address immediate community needs, build our virtual capacity, redesign programs and fundraising campaigns, and prioritize programming.


Many of Detroit’s neighborhoods have been hard hit by COVID-19 and meeting the obligations of ensuing executive orders.While many of the governor’s orders are designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus and set up protective measures for Michiganders, we see that systemic racism has amplified the impact of coronavirus on our Black and Brown residents and lack of access to essential resources, leaving many without basic things like running water, sanitation products and face coverings, school supplies, etc.

Your support is needed…

The Michigan Roundtable needs your continued support during the pandemic. Your donations, of any size, help power work of the Michigan Roundtable and our Race2Equity Initiative.  Our supporters have helped us purchase and distribute masks and assist with a range of needed items in neighborhoods including food, gas cards, school supplies, and baby items.  Your donations have also helped us support our staff and to build education about the larger systemic inequities that are contributing to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on our marginalized communities.


 you can mail your donation to us at:

Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

ATTN: COVID-19 Donation

525 New Center One

3031 W. Grand Blvd

Detroit, MI 48202

For more information contact

Yusef Shakur at 313.459.6008

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