As one of the components of our Community Engagement work, the Race2Equity initiative works locally and statewide with grassroots and grass-top organizations to expose, challenge and shift systemic racial inequity to create equitable, sustainable change through emergent-participatory leadership of those most impacted by the inequity.

Components of Race2Equity Initiative
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Partners and Friends

NAACP Detroit Branch | One Detroit | MOSES | Michigan Suburbs Alliance | SEMCOG | New Detroit Fair Housing Center | St. Peter’s Episcopal Church | Interfaith Center for Racial Justice | Wayne State University | The University of Michigan Dearborn | Thomas M. Cooley Law School | WWJ Radio | University of Detroit Mercy | Michigan Voice | Unity of Farmington Hills

Housing Project Partnership (HPP)

Margaret Alandt | Robert Brutell | Michail Curro | Florise Nevilee Ewell, Esq. | Dr. Karl Gregory | Peter Hammer, Esq. | Ponsella Hardaway | Deborah Younger | Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellerman | Cliff Schrupp | Maurice Shane | Deborah Jones | Tamara Harmon

Bridging the Congregational Racial Divide (BCRD)

Rev. Barbara Clevenger | Robert Brutell | Iman Abdullah El Amin | Bishop Greg Geiger | Rev. Ken Flowers | Arun Vijan | Rev. Diane Smalley | Rev. Bryan Smith | Rev. Doris Mars | Betsy Kellman | Rabbi Jennifer Kaluzny | Rev. Virgil Humes | Michael Hovey | Rev. Dan Appleyard | Rev. Robert Dulin | Rev. Jim Faile

History of Race2Equity

The History of Race2Equity: "The Project"

The Race2Equity Project focuses on Race, Place, and Opportunity in Metropolitan Detroit (Metro Detroit here forth).  The project will engage the larger community by examining the history of housing, addressing racial disparities through programming, and creating platforms for public feedback to re-imagine our region.


Throughout the duration of this project, an independent Truth Commission will engage the public to determine recommendations for necessary change in our region.  The Race2Equity project will prepare Metro Detroit citizens to be receptive to transforming our communities.

History of the Project

The Race2Equity Project is a public engagement campaign of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion that focuses on the institutional racism that has defined Metro Detroit’s history of housing.  From its inauguration in 2009 the project was entitled The Housing Project: Truth & Justice as we explored the history of housing policies in law.  After the final legal simulation the project became Race, Residence & Regionalism: The Past & the Future of Metro Detroit exploring more deeply the effects of these policies in our regional growth and now we are proud to call the project Race2Equity: Examining Race, Place & Opportunity in Metro Detroit working to engage, inform, and ignite the community to action at the grassroots, faith-based, business, government, and individual levels.

Courtesy of the Charles H. Wright Museum, six mini vignettes have been created summarizing key events or movements that impacted Detroit’s history.