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We're Going Virtual!

We're excited to announce that the "We Dont Want Them:" Race and Housing in Metro Detroit is going digital with a 360-degree virtual exhibit space. Our virtual exhibition will feature short videos, current events, and continued learning opportunities. Stay tuned for the official launching!

Special thanks goes to our funders for their generous support in making the Virtual Traveling Exhibition possible:

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"We Dont Want Them"

Race & Housing Exhibit Overview

The “We Dont Want Them” Traveling Exhibit is part of the Race2Equity Community Engagement Campaign.  The exhibit has toured throughout Metro Detroit since 2010 and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.  The exhibit has been in communities at libraries, schools, colleges, places of worship, and business organizations.


The “We Dont Want Them” Traveling Exhibit serves as a tool to begin looking deeper into the issues of racial equity in Metro Detroit. The exhibit supports our value of looking into our history to understand our current story and plan for our future.  As a mobile exhibit, it can be seen by almost anyone—anywhere.  The exhibit includes a variety of programming components including:

  • K-12 Supplemental Curriculum Kit

  • Detroit Youth Voice Art Project - an arts-infusion history project,

  • guided tours and lunch and learns,

  • guest speakers and local historians, and

  • our newest Next Generation Educators’ Institute – a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training for educators

If you are interested in hosting the exhibit at your school, business or community please contact Dez Squire at (586) 744-3889.

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