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Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Consulting

For more information contact Steve Spreitzer at (313) 870-1500 x102.

Organizational Development

  • Intercultural Development Inventory

  • Retreats

  • Building Strategy for ERG’s in the Workplace

  • Strategic Planning through the Lens of DEI

  • Coaching (Individual/Group)

  • Diversity & Inclusion Council Development for Organizations

Workplace Diversity

Learning & Development

  • Exploring Diversity

  • The Business Case for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Cultural Competency: The Journey…

  • The DNA of DEI: Exploring the Dimensions of Diversity

  • Generations in the Workplace

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Customer Service

  • Difficult Conversations & Effective Outcomes

  • Culture, Conflict & Communication

  • Historical View of Race & Racism

  • The Intersectionality of Culture, Race & Gender

  • Implicit Bias/Microaggression

Coming Soon!

  • Diversity & Thinking Styles

  • The Mind Science of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Taking the Temperature of Health Care Disparities

  • Did you Know? 100 Questions/Answers on…

  • DEI Bootcamp

  • Inclusion Series – A standardized series of educational modules on DEI

-  Target group – individual entrepreneurs & community groups

2019 Inaugural Conference

Watch john a. powell Keynote Address below



"Equipping the Workplace for Transformational Change"

On May 16, 2019 at the beautiful historical Mary Grove College we had our inaugural Inclusion Conference. The conference featured panel discussions, speakers, presenters, and roundtable discussions that emphasized the historical content, new trends, and best practices for diversity & inclusion.  It depended the connection of business and community by illuminating the historical framework that has deeply impacted the workforce both at home and at work.