Youth Program Alumni

Over the years, the Michigan Roundtable has touched the lives of thousands of youth across Metro Detroit through our Camp Anytown, Camp Crosstown (now Crosstown RIDE) and various youth leadership programs.  We want to continue our relationship with our alumni; Here are THREE ways you can stay involved:

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In order to offer a variety of skills development to our participating youth, we are asking alumni to donate their time and talent when possible.  If you are interested in providing some training, or assisting with events, please let us know!  As opportunities arise, we will contact you with more information.  Please fill out the form below in the “Stay Connected”.


Receive our Youth Program newsletters as well as invitations to alumni events.  Fill out the following to be added to our newsletter and Alumni contact list: CLICK HERE FOR FORM


Your continued support will help sustain and grow our Youth Programs and advance the work we are doing across the region at the Michigan Roundtable.

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Youth Alumni Spotlight

The time I trained the new interns was a humbling experience. I was so proud that I was able to release their true potential. I worked on a variety of different projects with my cohort that focused on team building and youth activism. I hope to use these skills to further my career goal as a Paralegal at Eastern Michigan University later in the Fall.


As of now, I am taking on more of a leadership role in the Michigan Roundtable by working as a member of their Fellowship program. In this position,  I am creating a tool kit to show local high school students a presentation on the film “Summer 67.” A documentary about the Detroit July 1967 Rebellion. I was honored to have been chosen to take part in this opportunity to help students learn new information about the community and city in which they live.


In closing, I am grateful to be apart of the Michigan Roundtable. I have learned so much about myself and my impact on my community. I have developed very important skills from the program and encourage more like minded youth to join.

After I completed the internship for the 2017-2018 cohort at the Michigan Roundtable I was eager to continue in the program. I gained great knowledge from the previous Alumni members and made some amazing friends from the program. Before I became an intern I was a very quiet person, but through the internship I was able to come out of my shell.

Ayisha Ashford