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Youth Events

66th Annual Youth Summit

An event to empower and educate youth in social justice and racial justice! Come speak to your issues and concerns with other youth.

The 2019 Youth Justice Leadership Summit hosted by Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion Regional Youth Interns will allow participants to engage in centering on important skills-based and educational information that will assist them in becoming better-equipped leaders in social justice spaces.


Together with other youth, they will write a youth proclamation centering important issues to youth today to send to government, school and business leaders across the metro area.

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Crosstown Ride (Regional Inclusive Diversity Experience)

Crosstown RIDE is part of the Michigan Roundtable's youth development program designed to empower students to create schools and communities where everyone feels safe, respected and included.  Participants move from introductory level, where they gain an increased awareness of and appreciation for individual differences, to an intermediate level where they gain a deeper knowledge of diversity issues and begin to build the skills to address issues.  Finally, at the advance level, students begin to make the transition from participant to program leader.

The Crosstown RIDE experience is a 5 days / 4 nights (overnight) training retreat for the Regional Youth Interns that takes place at the Lake Huron Retreat Center in Burtchville Michigan where youth reflect upon social identities and experiences.

These delegates, made up of sophomores, juniors and seniors, become part of a unique community that is diverse in its ethnic, racial, religious and socioeconomic makeup.  They will share the richness of their diverse backgrounds with others through discussion groups, workshops, recreational time and creative evening programs.  Delegates will develop the leadership and communication skills needed for building community while having fun and making new friends.

College-age Counselors who have participated in Crosstown RIDE and other youth programs themselves live with the delegates in dorm groups, providing personal guidance, understanding and direction throughout the week.

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Regional Youth Intern Showcase

This showcase happens at the end of the summer, and is a graduation celebration of the 14 month youth internship program featuring the work done and lessons learned by the interns being shared with their families, friends and our funders.

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